Your Questions Answered

JKube Connect Listing FAQ's

How to add a listing?

To add a listing, you must have an account with JKube Connect. Once your account is created, click on add listing to the top right corner of the screen on desktop or via the menu bar on mobile. Select a plan suitable for your listing needs. Add your listing information and media content (images should be 1920 X 1080 pixels). Go through the steps for making payment for your listing package.

What is Featured Listing?

Featured listings are business listings placed on the top of result searches suitable to the business type. Example: Sofie’s Gym will be on top of the list for clients search gym, fitness, or any other search that would result Sofie’s Gym to populate in the search.

How does the bookings work on listings?

When adding a listing you can select the option to accept bookings for your business or not. Once selected, simply add your available time slots. Clients will see available time slots and request a time slot under your listing. You can manage all booking request within your vendor dashboard.

Can I share my listing on my social media pages?

Absolutely! Social sharing icon can be found on the top right corner of the listing page when using a desktop or on the left corner of a listing when using mobile.

Can my business be listed on one or more category?

Yes! Your business may offer more than one service that falls under several categories. Feel free to select all categories that apply to your business. Please ensure each category matches your business products and services to avoid reports made against your listing and being banned from the platform.

How can I leave a review on a listing?

Each listing has reviews feature to the bottom of the listing. This section will allow you to type a comment and provide a star rating for said business.

Can I add a special offer to my listing?

Yes, you can. Each listing will show a section called features. Special offer will be one of those features. You can add your special offer there.

How can I add F.A.Q’s to my business?

Every listed added will showcase the option to add frequently asked questions for your business. You can add one or more than one. You can even edit your listing, later on, to add more F.A.Q’s if you need to.

How does the chat feature work?

Each business will have a show chat button to the bottom of each listing. This will allow consumers to start a chat or send a message if offline. If there is any chat history, it will populate that as well.

Can my listing be added to more than one location?

Yes, it can! This is a great option for those with multiple branches as well as those with online businesses and does delivery islandwide or specific locations on the island.

How can I get my listing on the front page of the website?

Our homepage features 6 of our most popular listings throughout our platform automatically. The algorithms of our system determine most popular listings by calculating the total number of times the listing was clicked on and viewed. The top 6 listings with the most views will automatically be featured on the homepage.

How can I get more views?

You can upgrade your listing to allow feature listing, or you can market your listing on social media platforms by sharing your listing and requesting others to visit your business page on JKube Connect.

How do I know how many views I have?

On every listing grid, there is an eye icon on the bottom left of the listing grid showcasing the total views of that listing.

Can clients contact me without starting a chat?

Yes, they can. Each listing has a contact form client can fill out to contact the listing owner.

What size images can I upload for my listing gallery?

Our platform looks best when all images are similar in size. This also makes your listing look amazing on all devices. We highly recommend images that are 740 X 580 pixels.

What size image can I upload for my preview picture?

The preview pictures are very important to show uniformity with our platform design, which also makes your brand look its best. Preview pictures should be 1280 X 853 pixels or 4:3 landscape ratio when editing photos on mobile phone.